Waser Technologies

Waser Technologies

What is it ?

More than just a company

It's a life project. A way to consider technology and its relationship to people.

Convictions of freedom

Technology can benefit humanity as well as it can destroy it. Thus only the use of free software guarantees us control of the technology. The stake is far too great to leave technological exploitation in the hands of a minority governed by capital.

A permanent fight

Thus all technologies published by Waser Technologies are open source. You can - freely - obtain, copy, modify and publish the source code of each technology, provided that the result carries the same license. And this for each technology no matter its complexity.

Responsible actors

To limit drift, everyone must be responsible for their use of technology. For this, Waser Technologies is an individual reason in the person of Danny Waser. The objective is to impose the responsibility of actors in the sector without hiding behind a capital company.

Particular attention to respect for privacy

Your right to privacy is a fundamental right.

Why would you give it for free?

In exchange for technological services, you transfer this right free of charge to actors who exploit your personal data for their sole profit.

No collection of information for advertising purposes

We do not collect your information in order to better serve you with targeted advertising. Not today nor tomorrow.

To find out more

Take the time to read our privacy policy.

Privacy policy

A different approach

Waser Technologies' approach is to give you choice.

Use our technologies for free

By taking the time to learn how to use them and exploit them on your own.

Or by trusting us

To take care of it for you in exchange for fair compensation.

The choice is yours

Don't let anyone impose it on you.

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